Dare to Share and C.I.S.O.C.A

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Who we are

Founded in 2008 by 3 Young Caribbean women who just felt the need to make an impact. Dare to Share is a not for profit organization based in Kingston, Jamaica. This organization seeks to encourage youth ENGAGEment within the community for a better Jamaica/ World. It seeks to provide young people in Jamaica with information and opportunities within the community to get involved and make a difference while expanding their skill sets in a variety of areas.

Tamaisha Eytle, Chalanie Stiebel and Danielle Stiebel, came up with this concept as they became distraught with the lack of youth involvement within the community. They decided to start putting on small projects that encouraged young people to do something no matter how small. In the Summer of 2008 they partnered with the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (C.I.S.O.C.A), which is a government agency that deals with victims of these crimes between the ages of 0 and 80 years old.

In solidarity with C.I.S.O.C.A, the young women held a Clothing and Teddy Bear Drive for the agency. They collected over 5 bins of used clothing and teddy bears and donated it to the centre.

In 2011, Dare to Share partnered with the Jamaica Musical Theatre Company and made a monetary donation of the proceeds from their Annual production “Fame” to the centre.

Dare to Share has been working over the last few years on an educational forum/curriculum, where young people can be ENCOURAGED and EMPOWERED to ENGAGE in issues outside their regular school curriculum. Following a Global Affairs type model, these interactive sessions would be implemented into the weekly Personal Development curriculum in high school.

As the founders of Dare to Share, graduate school and move into the working world, their dreams for this organization expand. Look out for more exciting things with Dare to Share in the future


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